Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is up with the name?!?

"The memorably named zonules of Zinn are tiny ligaments securing the lens of the eye to the ciliary so the lens can be flattened for seeing into the distance" (Olson, 2008, p. 12)

Zonules is Latin for a small band, belt or girdle. Zinn is for the guy who found them - an 18th century German bontanist. (Olson, 2008) And how did I find this? By paging through Booklist of course looking for a blog name. It just sounded too good to pass up.

Also I think it holds some meaning. The zonules of Zinn help us see into the distance. Hopefully the projects in this class will similarily help all of us to learn about the design and production of educational resources and thoughtfully integrate technology for a better way to do things.

Reference: Olson, R. (2008, Dec. 15). Beyond the zonules of Zinn: A fantastic journey through your brain. [Review of the book by David Bainbridge]. Booklist, 104, 12.